50 Best Albums of 2016

As the year comes closer to an end, 2016 “Best” lists are popping up everywhere. Rolling Stone magazine has released a 50 Best Albums of 2016 chart, which features a variety of artists from all sorts of genres including our favourite country stars! Only two country albums are on this Best Of list but they are memorable. Long time country artist Miranda Lambert took the #16 spot with her new “The Weight of These Wings album” and country newcomer Marren Morris has the #13 spot with “Hero”, her second album following her first in 2007.
Check out The Rolling Stones blurbs for our country artists below!


“On her 24-track double album, the new country generation’s leading outlaw balances humor, regret, love and anger in the brutally blunt way that only she can. Both sides of the album – and Miranda Lambert – are effortless blends of modern country pop with more soulful, rootsy Americana; and it’s complemented by tales of rebellion (“Highway Vagabond”) and lessons from heartbreak (“Tin Man”). From the irreverent Side One – titled “The Nerve” – where she “wears her sadness like a souvenir” to the more earnest Side Two – “The Heart” – the singer-songwriter not only builds upon her complexities but does so with admirable pride. B.S.



“The debut album by Maren Morris may not be immediately recognizable as country music – even by today’s standards – but the Texas native’s storytelling and homegrown drawl elevates Hero to the top of 2016’s pop-country pack. Produced in part by Busbee (Shakira, Keith Urban), the record introduces Morris as the next great crossover artist, buoyed by Top 40 radio-ready jams like the sexy “Sugar,” the swaggering “80s Mercedes” and her ubiquitous breakout hit “My Church.” Hero also proves Morris to be a keen observer of both pop culture and everyday speak. In the baller anthem “Rich,” she name-drops Diddy and sets up the chorus with an ad-libbed “shit.” Neither sound calculated – the only thing Morris is adding up here are hooks. J.H.”


Blurbs via the Rolling Stone’s Best 50 Albums of 2016.