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Alec Baldwin to Bring the Laughs to Centennial Concert Hall


Master of characters Alec Baldwin is coming to the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg November 2019 for a wonderful evening filled with laughter, Impersonations, video clips, and political insights. Tickets are in the range of 85-160 dollars with special meet and greet Vip tickets starting at 485 dollars (plus tax). For more information visit

Cineplex Opening Social Playground in Winnipeg

Cineplex will open The Rec Room in the city’s southwest late next year, touted as a live entertainment and amusement gaming experience spanning approximately 40,000-square-feet! The Rec Room will include ‘eatertainment-style’ dining options with more than 110 amusement games, where credits won can later be cashed in at a redemption store as tracked via RFID […]

10 Thinking Errors That Will Crush Your Mental Strength


As we go about our daily routines, our internal monologue narrates our experience. Our self-talk guides our behavior and influences the way we interact with others. It also plays a major role in how you feel about yourself, other people, and the world in general. Quite often, however, our conscious thoughts aren’t realistic; they’re irrational […]

The Best Time of Day to Drink Coffee, According to Science


There’s substantial scientific evidence that coffee is incredibly good for your health and extends your life. According to a meta-analysis of 127 studies, drinking coffee: -reduces your risk of cancer up to 20 percent; -reduces your risk of heart disease by 5 percent; -reduces your risk of Type 2 diabetes by 30 percent; and -reduces […]

$10 Bill Featuring Canadian Civil Rights Icon Unveiled


If you’re unfamiliar with the name VIOLA DESMOND, you’ll get to know her face pretty well. Viola Desmond will be honoured in a Halifax ceremony this afternoon that cements her new status as a civil rights icon. At about 12:30 p.m. AT today, a new $10 bill featuring Desmond will be unveiled by Finance Minister […]

10 BEST Music Documentaries to Watch on Netflix


Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me One of the most poignant music docs of recent years, 2014’s I’ll Be Me follows Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell on his farewell tour as he struggles to deal with a mind increasingly ravaged by Alzheimer’s. Campbell, who passed away from the disease last year, is nothing short of awe-inspiring as […]

Future of Alexander Docks Put to an Ideas Competition


What would you like the future of the Alexander Docks to look like? That’s the question being posed in an ideas competition recently launched to gauge public ideas on how to best utilize the riverside space. The Alexander Docks Ideas Competition is the next step since public consultations were held at The Forks last June. […]

McDonalds Flips To Fresh Beef In The States!


McDonald’s Corp said on Tuesday that it had begun serving fresh beef Quarter Pounders and other premium burgers at about 3,500 restaurants in the United States, and most of its other U.S. locations will follow suit by May. The fresh beef expansion comes as McDonald’s is improving food quality and increasing menu variety to counter […]

Big Brother Canada Houseguests!


Big Brother Canada is back! Beginning March 7, watch as a new group of Canuck contestants move into an overhauled Big Brother Canada house outfitted wall-to-wall with cameras and microphones capturing their every move. Each week, the houseguests do battle in a series of challenges that give them power or punishment, voting each other out […]