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Now Country wants to help you show appreciation! Nominate your awesome co worker that goes above and beyond for a chance to win a delicious pizza lunch for your whole office courtesy of Franks Pizza!nFill out the form below entirely for your chance to win!
  • Please include full name of office / workplace.
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  • Tell us a little bit about who you want to nominate as Employee of the Week and why! Make sure to include their name.
  • Please include office / workplace address and a phone number/ phone numbers you can be reached at. Please also include a rough estimate of how many people are in your workplace and/or department.

You can enter an unlimited amount of times. Winners will be chosen at random each Friday. By entering you agree to photo opportunities for promotional purposes.

Now Country and Franks Pizza’s previous Employees of the Week:

” I would like to nominate Gabriella H., one of our secretaries. Gabbi is just one of the nicest, sweetest, most hard working ladies I know. She is just a ray of sunshine in an otherwise potential dismal place (meaning a hospital). She always goes above and beyond her job to help her Doctors, Patients and Co workers. Even if she doesn’t have the time to help someone in the office, if they need help or do not understand something she is more than willing to sit down and help them out.
She has taken a very difficult program and simplified it so others can readily understand and follow. She makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. She helps make it fun.
She is just one of the most enjoyable people to work with and I for one am honored to know and work with her.Best part is, she is so humble she would not agree she deserves Frank’s pizza Employee of the Week, but she does and she would def share with everyone. ”



” Rhonda L. has dedicated her career to the youth of Winnipeg. She works at *** and has always been an incredible team player and well respected individual. She makes Youth Care look like a terrific job – and it is! Rhonda has always inspired those Youth Care Workers coming into the field and does such terrific work with the clients of the facility. We love her! This gal deserves Franks…and y’know what? She’d share with her co-workers and the clients on her unit! ”
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Frank’s Pizza was established in the heart of Selkirk, Manitoba over 40 years ago!
The secret to the great taste starts with Frank’s homemade pizza dough that is rolled fresh on site daily! Generous toppings compliment each and every pizza. We use only the finest ingredients and highest quality meats. Our pizza is then cooked to a perfect golden brown in our true stone heated ovens.

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Frank’s Pizza never leaves you hungry – just hungry for more!
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