Dylan Scott’s Wife Inspires “My Girl” Song

The single called “My Girl” is a song that was written to share memories about Dylan Scott and his wife Blair. In the Lyrics, Scott begins to talk about how he admires his wife and how he sees all the things in Blair that nobody else does.

In an interview with Taste of Country, Scott talks about how he and his wife Blair had a long distant relationship. He lived in Tennessee and she stayed in Louisiana. During those times Scott would make special trips to go out, visit her and go on dates. Scott also brings up a memory of the two listening to the radio one time where an Eminem song played. Blair went ballistic by rapping and dancing to the song called “Lose Yourself.”

Once he returned home he got together with his pal Josh Kerr and began telling him about the good times with Blair. The two started writing a song together and eventually called it “My Girl”.
Check out “My Girl” in the video below.