Jim Cressman Interview w/ Kimberley Dawn

Want to be famous?

Interview with Jim Cressman of Invictus Entertainment

It was one of my most favorite interviews. There are not to many people who get me star struck. As a matter fact in my career of radio and being a country music performer, there have only ever two people who have ever made me so nervous, excited and almost overwhelmed. The first is Buffy St Marie. I basically cried the whole time talking to her. Huge fan! The second is Jim Cressman. Have you ever wanted to be famous? You know you can sing or play guitar. What does it take? How do you become stadium sellout? What is a major label looking for? All these questions and more answered in this interview.


Image via Amplify

I had the honor and privilege of getting to chat with Jim Cressman of Invictus Entertainment. If you are in the entertainment business, then you need to know Jim. If ya don’t know who he is, it would be in your best interest to get to know him. I decided to reach out to Jim via Face book to hopefully get an interview. I had questions for myself, and for other artists. So I thought I would reach out to the guy who knows the business inside and out. He has worked hard to build an empire. He has accomplished so much.

He’s just small-town guy from Alberta with a big dream and a talent for spotting opportunity. Jim Cressman is the ultimate entrepreneur, testing new markets in northern Canada and changing the way we think about the role of the promoter.

Cressman first got his start as an agent in Calgary at the Key Entertainment Group before partnering with Ron Sakamoto to create Cressman Sakamoto Agency. In 2012, he moved to British Columbia to form Invictus Entertainment Group and bring country music to untapped boomtowns through the Maple Leaf nation.

Jim has recently received honors at the Canadian Country Music Association for his work. Check out the interview below!