Sam Hunt Releases NEW Music

Just in to 2017 and country star Sam Hunt has already proven this will be a big year for him!
The singer released a new song via Instagram and Soundcloud just before he rang in the new year(31/12/16) and has got redemption on his mind.The new track titled” Drinkin’ Too much” is a song dedicated to one many past tracks have been to, an on and off girlfriend. Hunt uses his classic Sing/talking sound to tell about how he’s sorry for the previous tracks and the harm they’ve done.

“I’m sorry I named the album Montevallo
And I’m sorry people know your name now
And strangers hit you up on social media
I’m sorry you can’t listen to the radio.”

The singer recently proposed to the muse of many tracks, Hanna Lee F., popping the question just before the New Year!!

Check out Sam Hunts “Drinkin’ Too Much” below!!