Shamattawa Declares State Of Emergency

Manitoban First Nation Shamattawa declares state of emergency yesterday evening (22/09/16) after a fire destroys the communities only grocery store and band office. The fire started around 2:30 pm, when nearly the entire community was attending a funeral, and by the time the Shamattawa fire fighters arrived, it was impossible to save.

The community emergency call centre and radio station was also severely damaged , leaving Chief Jeffrey Napaokesik and his community with no immediate access to help. Napaokesik spoke to officials with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada in Winnipeg and they’ve offered help, planning to fly into the remote community this morning (23/09/16). With no road access to Shamattawa, RCMP also plan to fly in food and water, as a boil water advisory was only recently lifted.

Donations can be made today (23/09/16) at the North End Bell Tower from Noon to 6pm and anytime at Perimeter Airlines Winnipeg and Thompson locations.

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