Willie Nelson Announces Album Details

Country Star Willie Nelson just announced details for a brand new album! The 86 year old singer released his album cover, track list, and release date for the ninth project under Legacy Recordings.
“Gods Problem Child” is a 13 track album composed of never before heard songs including of some of country’s greatest writers helping pen the album like “Little House On The Hill,” which opens the album, written by Lyndel Rhodes. The album also features a closing track written to honour Nelson’s late friend and fellow country artist, Merle Haggard.

Check out the full track listing for Willie Nelson’s “Gods Problem Child” below!

Willie Nelson, God’s Problem Child Track Listing:
1. “Little House on the Hill”
2. “Old Timer”
3. “True Love”
4. “Delete and Fast Forward”
5. “A Woman’s Love”
6. “Your Memory Has a Mind of Its Own”
7. “Butterfly”
8. “Still Not Dead”
9. “God’s Problem Child”
10. “It Gets Easier”
11. “Lady Luck”
12. “I Made a Mistake”
13. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone”