Winnipeg March For Standing Rock

On Sunday evening a group of Winnipeggers marched down Portage Ave. to support the U.S reservation in their fight against Energy East. For the past month there has been sit ins, marches, and peaceful protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline that will carry crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. The pipeline has been said to destroy sacred lands that its being built on and can be potentially harmful to a river that is a source of clean drinking water for many communities.

A local, Bear Rodericks told CBC News that a protest here, can help the cause “They have asked for nations all over the world to come together and show their support, that way, if we hear them here, there’s no reason why their government can’t hear them there.” Rodericks also told reporters that the fight in Standing Rock hits close to home here, considering many northern Manitoba communities are under a boil water advisory. He said he wants to continue planning events for Standing rock like this one, and won’t quit until the pipeline is stopped.


Bear Rodericks via CBC News