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Well I’m excited for the “JOKER” Final Trailer (being actually, officially the 2nd one) as it comes out in October. This is a DC Comics side story like a graphic novel, not connected to any other DC movies. And DC has done these one off stories and else-world stories in book form for years (IE: “Batman By Gaslight” set in the past facing Jack The Ripper, and a Book called “Joker”.) There have been many Joker stories not connected to each other. So this really is what DC Comics has done before in print. Joaquin Phoenix as “JOKER” hits theatres October 4th.

As a “TERMINATOR” fan growing up, James Cameron’s T1 and T2 were by far the best and I’ve been disappointed in the movies that followed without Cameron. Well James Cameron is back as producer and director of “DEADPOOL” and massive T1 and T2 fan Tim Miller is releasing “TERMINATOR: Dark Fate” November 1st. And it is being treated as T3. Miller and Cameron are making a sequel to T1 and T2. Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor and Arnold is back as a Terminator that came to our time in the 1990’s and stayed. With living human skin on him he would age and Arnold has. Feeling very good about this movie. Fingers crossed. The Trailer looks great!

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