AGT: An audition that will give you the creeps

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America’s Got Talent returned last night (Jun 4) with some of the most surprising and ‘creepy’ moments of the Season 14 Audition Rounds.

Nicolas Wallace apparently contacts “the other side” and it’s really weird and creepy. It’s like that haunted magician girl from last season, but without the magic skill and apparently more ghosts.

Bringing a rocking chair he claims is haunted onto the stage, Nicolas tells the judges that he “dabbles in the strange and unusual,” and he’s not wrong.

Nicolas isn’t even a few moments into his story about this cursed rocking chair and Simon is already freaking out. When Nicolas asks Gabrielle to join him on stage, the other judges literally sigh with relief.

Nicolas also brings a creepy doll into the equation and some unsettling record playing the voice of an old man making moaning noises. Honestly, it’s insane that Gabrielle is still in that stupid chair.

Its hard to tell if the bit is supposed to be about ghosts or voodoo or general weirdness, but this guy oozes entertaining discomfort. (via)

The man who brought the epic LED dance group Light Balance returns to AGT with Light Balance Kids — and they might be better than the full-sized version.

Basing their performance off imagery from Iron Man and dancing to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” they check off a lot of boxes by virtue of hitting notes everyone already loves, but they do it with their own brilliant flair and style. (via)

Standing shirtless on a platform, the Messoudi Brothers use each other’s impossibly toned bodies to balance in mid-air and it’s just unbelievable.

Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet cheering before the act was halfway over, and all four judges are giving a standing ovation by the end.

As expected, they will be moving on to the next round after overwhelming praise for their act.

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