AGT Season 14: Judge Cuts

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Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough were joined by a special guest judge, Brad Paisley in the first round of judge cuts last night (Jul 16).

Which seven are heading to the live shows?

It’s rare to hear original songs that sound like they should be No.1 hits, but Chris pulls it off and earns a standing ovation from all the judges. Simon even later says that it “wasn’t a risk” because it was so incredibly amazing. (via)

The South African singing group, Ndlovu Youth Choir, wowed the judges with their spirited and enthusiastic group performance during the audition rounds, and their charm and charisma are in full display this time around as well. (via)

The Messoudi Brothers Beat the Odds invite their father — the man who taught them everything they know before he retired — to come on stage and join them in a unimaginable human configuration that includes one son balancing in the air with a single hand on his father’s head. (via)

In a pre-taped package before her performance, it’s revealed that Sophie went home after her wildly successful audition and wrote five new original songs.

This time around, she returns to the stage with a new original song that she says is “the most personal” of all the pieces she’s written. And it’s clear how much emotion went into penning it. (via)

When the Emerald Belles hit the stage earlier this season, Howie didn’t vote “yes” because he said they weren’t as good as the Rockettes, which is an insane standard.

This time around, the girls set out to prove Howie wrong and show that they deserve to go on the the live rounds. With a truly impressive blend of gymnastics, choreography and synchronization, they wow the judges before their final impressive move — in which all the dozens of dancers simultaneously do the splits. (via)

This French dance and singing crew are next-level amazing, and tonight they are doing their best to “bring everybody into the night club.”

Using only their voices and mouths, the four-man group manages to pull off techno-sounding beats, essentially turning themselves into an a capella dubstep song by layering the noises and rap breaks. (via)


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