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We kick off the week with Australian-Canadian artist, Mikhail Laxton, who just released a new EP titled Real. Take a listen to Mikhail’s journey, then check out “Wasting Our Time” below!

“I think we live in a world where it’s so hard just to be yourself. If I have to explain what these songs are about, then I haven’t done my job.”

Soulful and raw, Mikhail Laxton’s debut collection Too Easy serves as a powerful introduction to an artist poised to join the ranks of Canada’s great singer-songwriters. Drawing inspiration primarily from the power of love, Laxton delivers his message through his unforgettable voice and funky acoustic melodicism. It is indeed too easy to defy genres when your music is a reflection of exactly who you are.

Laxton, who now calls Ottawa home, relocated to Canada’s capital from his native Australia three years ago upon marrying his wife Leah. The move also proved to be a boost to his creative life, as most of the songs on the record came out of the emotional whirlwind he experienced during that period. By opening himself up through his music, Laxton quickly saw the positive impact it had on his audiences. (full bio here)


Today’s featured artist grew up on a farm in Florida, a childhood that lives on now and interwoven into her most recent project. Her name is Kris Angelis. On April 30, Kris released a beautiful album titled “The Skies We Look To,” which includes her latest single, “I’d Give Anything.” I had the chance to speak with Kris after the album’s release about its concept. I was amazed by how easily I could relate to the album and her explanation of what influenced it. If I could summarize the album in one word, it would be GROWTH. Perhaps you’ll see a piece of yourself in the “Skies We Look To,” as well.

(Full bio here)


We get to know Brett Sheroky, a singer and songwriter from Illinois, who has much to celebrate these days. One of the songs he co-wrote, “Bible Verses”, is featured on Blake Shelton’s new album, Body Language. As an artist, Brett released “4 Goodyears” earlier this year and often, when we hear a new song for the first time, something about it grabs our attention. We either fall in love with the music or the lyrics, or both. However, before we even get to hear the song, it was first just a couple of words or notes on a piece of paper.  Today, Brett Sheroky shares with us HIS writing process, his influences, and his journey to Music City to pursue his dream of becoming the songwriter and artist he is today!

Read full bio here.


We get to know Nate Smith, an artist who has captured our attention and hearts in a very big way, with his latest single, ‘Sleeve.‘ Speaking with him truly felt like I was chatting with a good buddy I grew up with. His sense of humor is infectious, his heart…wide open and his wisdom…incredibly enlightening. First, in part one of our conversation, we talk about how it all began. Nate shares with us what made him fall in love with music and songwriting. Nate also talks about another one of his songs, ‘Under My Skin,’ that will burst YOUR heart wide open if it’s the first time hearing it. In part 2 of our conversation, Nate Smith shares the inspiration behind ‘Sleeve’ and why it’s a deeply personal song for him.

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