Feature Artist of the Week – Desiree Dorion

 In NCI News

This week, I am very excited because our feature artist was voted, by you, into the top 10 favorite Manitoba Artist of 2020.

This week, our feature artist is Desiree Dorion.

In March, Jade Turner, when she was featured during women’s history month, mentioned Desiree as her mentor and one of the women who has influenced her, so it was necessary to get to know Desiree and I must say, after speaking with her for only 20 minutes, I understand why she has influenced many talented artist here at home and abroad.

I was captivated by her honesty, kindness, sense of humour, and above all…for me, it is her wisdom way beyond her years had me hanging off every word!

Desiree Dorion has a new single out called “One More Sin,” available now! First, we go back to the beginning of Desiree’s musical journey…and I mean the very beginning. Take a listen to our conversation below! -MJ






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