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This week’s Feature artist of the week with MJ will release his fifth studio album this Friday titled “Hey World.” Born Kenneth Mobley, June 10, 1979…your feature artist is Lee Brice.

Lee Brice has released four albums so far in his incredible career: Love Like Crazy(2010), Hard to Love(2012), I Don’t Dance (2014) and Lee Brice (2017). Of the seventeen singles he’s released, SEVEN have reached number one on Billboard Country Airplay and that’s just as a solo artist.

As a songwriter, he has co-written singles for Garth BrooksAdam Gregory, the Eli Young Band, and Tim McGraw, to name a few. “More Than a Memory“, released by Garth Brooks, was the first song ever to debut at number one on the country chart. While it was “Crazy Girl” by the Eli Young Band that earned the Billboard Year-End top country song of 2011. 

This week, we’re going to talk about and highlight songs from his first four albums, but today (Nov 16) we kick off the week with a single from his upcoming album. Brice released the song on October 16, 2020, believing it to be the perfect soundtrack for sweater weather. “It’s that time of year,” he told Apple Music. “The fall, school comes back in, football. To me, it inspires the heart and nudges nostalgia.”


The song is a story of love lost and finds Lee Brice running into an ex. The memories of their time together are so powerful, as they often can be when you’re suddenly face to face with the person. But because they ARE so powerful, Brice comes to the conclusion that these memories NEED to remain in the past. Most of us have experienced this at least once in our lives…you feel it in your gut and in your heart, knowing that if you get close to someone you once shared so much with, you just might get pulled in again.

As Lee put it “The memory’s always there. The pictures are always there in your head. But that’s the one you’ve gotta let alone, and let just be a memory.”

Brice told American Songwriter that he and Davis were sitting around talking, having just written a song, when one of them said, “That’s a memory I don’t mess with.” he immediately sensed a song idea, “And right then and there, we wrote a chorus.”

Apparently the song went without any verses for about a year but Lee Brice kept it on his mind until a melody finally came to him. “Sometimes,” he says “you just have to let songs breathe for a while, and that one soaked into my ears and into my head for a year,” said Brice.

“This definitely has pieces of my real-life history and I think that’s why it makes it special,” Brice added. “It draws people in as we have all been through that feeling at some point in our lives.”

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