Leeches…on a plane?!?

 In Now Mornings

A Niagara Falls man was fined $15,000 after he was caught flying into Canada with a suitcase full of leeches. How many, exactly? He tried to smuggle 4,788 live, medicinal leeches in his carry-on luggage according to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).

Ippolit Bodounov carried the leeches in a large reusable grocery bag; within that bag were 10 smaller, dampened cloth bags

A dog working with border agents smelled the leeches

People have been harvesting the breed for medicinal purposes since medieval times. “New age medicine” practitioners use them for everything from lessening arthritis pain to preventing baldness, he said, although there’s no scientific proof that this works.

The only proven use of leeches in medicine, he said, is to stimulate blood flow in reattached fingers and toes. In some cases, they also deter strokes. Medicinal leeches sell for between $8 and $20 per leech! (via)


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