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Good day, good morning, whatever the hell time it is, hello!

I’ve decided to write these NOW WHAT blogs to interview some of country’s best artists from Manitoba & beyond, seeing what everyone is up to and letting you know how you can see some of your favorites. Starting with Manitoba’s VERY OWN Desiree Dorion, the 2017 MCMA Songwriter of the Year, writing the song Whiskey Knows along with Chris Burke-Gaffney. Desiree has a couple events coming up that YOU can check out, she’ll tell you more about these down below.

2019 Winners | Indigenous Music Awards

So please, allow me to put on my professional interview style and I hope you dig this mess or else you at the wrong address. I will now speak in italics from here on…

  • Where’s home?

I live in Dauphin, Manitoba and am a member of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.

  • You have a brand new track called One More Sin, tell me more about the song. The sound, the influence, any neat stories you may have regarding it.

I co-wrote this song with my Producer, Chris Burke-Gaffney. The song idea was borne out of questions. For instance, do you ever eat one more chip and keep telling yourself that it’ll be the last one? Or, told yourself you’d have one drink but keep drinking? The more we asked ourselves these questions, the more relatable this idea became. This song is the result.

  • You were chosen to take part in Manitoba Music’s Safe n Sound video, how did this come about and who else is in the video with you?

Manitoba Music did a call out for submissions for the Safe n Sound series. I applied and was accepted. The film crew came to my home in Dauphin. We did some fun outdoor stuff along with a performance component at the historic Watson Arts Centre here in Dauphin. It premiers on May 6th. I haven’t even seen it and will see it for the first time when it premiers, so I’m really excited!

  • Tell us more about the concert for the Flin Flon Arts Council on May 7th!

I am doing an online show for the Flin Flon Arts Council that will stream live on their social media platforms on May 7th at 7pm. I am so thankful for the work and for this opportunity. I’ve been trying to get up to Flin Flon for awhile now. I always love going north. However, with this pandemic, this is a close second. At least for now.

  • Favorite artist you’ve recently discovered?

Hands down, without question, Paul Cauthen. I cannot get enough of his voice!!

  • What do you have yet to come in 2021?

I’ve got a very exciting project that I’m working on. Unfortunately, I can’t release all of the details yet, but can say that it involves new music!

  • Any words for your fellow artists?

One of my favorite things about festivals, touring, showcasing, and just live music in general, is seeing my music friends. Reconnecting. Sharing that space, that energy. I miss that so much but I know that we are going to get back to that someday. We just need to get through the mud.

  • Any words for country fans?

Thank you for your ongoing support! All of your streams, downloads, shares, likes – however you are interacting with music online, it is appreciated more than you know.


Thanks so much to Desiree Dorion taking the time out to catch up, OH HELL… I forgot to turn the italics off…
Okay. I greatly appreciate you hangin out with us and catchin up with what Desiree’s been up to!


Stay tuned for next week’s edition,
And in the words of the legendary Gordon Solie, so long from the Sunshine State… (he was in Florida when he said it.)

Love, peace & frybread grease,

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