NOW WHAT: Emma Peterson

 In Interview, Stefan Richard Mornings


I had the real cool privilege to chat with 2019 MCMA Breakthrough Artist of the Year Emma Peterson. Emma has a new single out called Hurt Like Hell and I wanted to get her words on the 2019 MCMA Award, the pandemic and what’s to come. Plus, we chat about Hurt Like Hell!

Alright, here goes… welcome in Emma Peterson!

Stefan: Hello Emma! Tell me about the track Hurt Like Hell. Who wrote it and what is the story behind it?

Emma: Hurt like Hell was written in Nashville TN in November 2019 with Adam Wheeler. This song is about someone getting the courage to get out of a situation that isn’t right for them, knowing that saying goodbye is going to “hurt like hell”. I believe that we have to go through things in life that “hurt like hell” in order to learn and move past it. I knew as soon as I wrote this song that it was one I wanted to share! 

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S: How big of an accomplishment was it to be named the 2019 MCMA Emerging Artist?

E: I felt so honoured to even be nominated amongst such amazing artists at the MCMA Awards in 2019. Receiving the Emerging Artist Award was such a surreal experience – especially since Doc Walker presented the award! I remember seeing them play a live show near my hometown when I was younger and met them backstage. I would have been about 10/11 years old. They definitely help inspire me to start playing guitar and sing!

S: How do you feel coming out of the pandemic knowing that your career is just beginning to blossom?

E: I feel very optimistic! Music has always gotten me through so much in my life, and I would say it has done the same during this pandemic. I have taken the time to grow and develop my skills. I hope to continue to be able to share more music and connect with others – virtually and in person! I have been so thankful for the support I have received over the past year, it has kept me motivated to keep chasing this dream!

S: Goals for 2021 & beyond?

E: More music releases! There will be two more songs released this year and hopefully an EP by the end of 2022. Besides music, I hope to keep connecting with fans and have my music reach larger platforms!

S: Best piece of music industry advice you’ve received?

E: I am surrounded by some great people in the country music industry who have guided me and given advice. The best piece of advice I have received is to stay true to who I am. I think sometimes it can be hard to get caught up in the industry, but we all have something unique to share and that is what the listeners connect with!

S: Any words for your fellow country artists?

E: I am so grateful to have connected with so many people in the industry, especially here in Manitoba! I know we all are itching to have live music again. It has been a tough year, but I know we all are going to come out of it better than ever! I can’t wait to see you guys soon! 🙂

S: Any words for your listeners?
E: Your support is the reason I get to continue to do what I love. I appreciate it so much! THANK YOU!
Emma’s pretty rad right… thanks to Emma for sharing what is to come for 2021 and beyond… Another edition of NOW WHAT in the books. Until next time…
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